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    Curcuma Plus : Medicine Herbal the Indonesian Mainstay

    SOHO Group as the pioneer of the medicine company herbal and natural in Indonesia again carried out the expansion of the market to the neighbouring country that is Myanmar. The activity was this time carried out through the symposium that discussed the Temu usefulness the Joke opposite the professor’s community, the doctor and the pharmacist that were held took place in Traders the Hotel the Yangon city and Mandalay, the biggest city of the two in Myanmar. According to Andreas Halim Djamwari (President Director) that this marketing strategy was carried out to develop the export market of the product from SOHO, one of them that is Curcum...
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    Colorful of Batik Madura

    Madura BATIK never again foreign canned be heard on ears. Moreover one of the treasury’s Indonesian wealth circulated in several parts of the world. The performance of batik from the island of this salt also had the typical characteristics that distinguished him from batik from the other area, as clear colours and his motive that were varied created the character of the local community. “Madura batik had the difference” of the “colour and the motive with batik from the other area.” The colour of the Madura batik typical used brave colours, beginning with red, green, yellow, and blue, said Maimuna from the Attraction of Madura Batik, wh...


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